Once again…


Fuckries, tsk

Shit come tumbling

Chaos overdue

Levied in triplicate

Are you my penance?

Come be my implicate


Till the seas run dry

Till water runs deep

I’ll be somewhere

Maybe here/there

Fumbling past times

Over n up me duck 🙂


You smile first

Then i hol’ u up



Fuck that shit lover

Speak it louder

Come now

Best talk it up

Before we fucks it up…


Fuckries, tsk

Shit come tumbling


I come in chaos,

Once again…




Loud, hot, raw and proud


Is it too loud for you?

I am sorry

I shall attempt to turn it down –

Express my passions

More discreetly

Put away my self-made crown.

Swing my hips

A little less brightly

Form my words

A little less clear

Laugh my laugh

A little less


Lest the noise

Ignites your fear.


Is it too hot for you?

I do apologise

Let me dampen down the flames

Let the steam compress

Your anguish

Let the chill

Disperse your pain

Let the dark

Give you a handle

Where the light

Was too oblique

Eschew pursuit

Of truth and wisdom


In shame and bigotry.


Is it too raw for you?

Come let me cook it

Fry it up and make it soft

Cut it up

And make it presentable

Make it palatable

Add some salt

You need it sugar coated?

Why, of course you do

Boil it down

Condense it


Can’t have the bitterness

Of your reflection

Taken whole

Swallowed neat.


Am I too proud for you?

I won’t say sorry

I will not turn that off or down

Bring it low enough

Until I’m silenced

Metaphorically gagged and bound

I will not pander

To your requirements

That I prop you up and

Duly play

The reflection of your panic

As you sense you’ve lost the game…




50 shades of fiesty


My eyes are wide wide

My mouth is tight shut

Is this to your liking?

The mute cute/cut slut

Your Virgin Madonna

Your solicitous whore

Your weeping pariah

Your embalmed amore

And as I sit

My Eyes are slit

With internal unrest

Mouth poised


To do battle

To speak

To express


Now this disturbs you

Your appetite

For me

Yes it wanes

As I show to you my truth

Reveal to you my –

Pain …yes yes

And my pleasures too

But the Stepford wife in me

She never rang true

Too wanting of the oranges

Too damning of the blue…

My 50 shades of feisty

Of wildness

Never slew.





Fairness inequality


Beauty is only skin deep

And they say that love is blind

So why do I stand knee deep

In this pigmentocratic brine

From those ‘fair and lovely’ sisters

To the politically whiter than white

All claiming that black is beautiful

Yet happy to trade off the light

All saying they share in the darkness

All fighting the fight for real




When that promotion is there

How much will I care

That my cafe au lait beats the night?

Regardless of wrong or of right?

Will i stand up against it and fight?

Or accept it cos money is tight?

Yet again by the slave master bribed

Cos we none of us are colour blind

Not the privileged

Nor the master

You or I…






Big and clever – part 2


Toes up close

To the line

Fingers dancing absently

All the while

But hey, I’m grown…


And to be fair

You –

Mr Silver tongued –

Are a quantity unknown


Way beyond the data

Wool pulled tight

To avoid confrontation

But hey, I’m grown…

Conscience still whole


Words falling freely

From heart, to lips, to hips to toes

Take one deep breath

Press send

And let go…






Rules of engagement


Fuck me like you mean it

Listen like you care

Ask and I’ll retrieve it

Offer when it’s there

Take me deep inside you

Reciprocate that touch

Love me like it’s instinct

Then leave

Whenif you must

Hold me close yet loosely

Show me that you can

Desire me beyond reason

Respect the woman I am

Do not expect a healer

Accept I will not be tamed

Honour me with thy reverence

And I promise to do the same…






Petite mort


If love is the answer

Then please rephrase the question

Cos from where I’m positioned

You need some direction

Not looking for great heights

From which to fall

Not wanting to spend nights

Awaiting your call

I seek passion and deliverance

Of the sort you ain’t schooled in

Cos from where I’m positioned

You is trapped in your own spin

Love ain’t the answer

And I’m not looking for a question

Just seeking minor death

Baited breath

Warm electric…




Spring is sprung…part 2


The radjy fuck heat

Seeps high

Amidst the cracks of my innermost…

Spring sprung

Dewy sticky

High unslung

Poetic prose

Catching the dirty sweet scent

Of pinking buds

As they open up

Possibilities run deep

As the sun beats

To my inner drum

Fearless always

Growing stronger



Until amok

Radjy fuck heat

Touch me lightly

Grip me tightly

Until unstuck





I never think of you as black

I see no colour

Black don’t crack

You’re kinda pretty

For a darkie

Are you a singer?

Do you like rap?

Oh my god

You’re the spitting image

Of Janet Jackson AND Iman

And Naomi Campbell

And Ruud Gullit

And Macy Gray

And my mate Pam

You’re so cool

Your culture’s wicked

With your music, food and style…

Wish i had your tan

You’re so lucky

I have to bloody pay for mine!

Can i touch your hair?

God It tickles!

Feels like pubes/a brillo pad

But I’m not racist

Cos we’re buddies

I am virtually colour-blind!




Black booty


Am i black?

Am i brown?

You draw the outline

I wear the crown

Are you pinky?

Are you white?

Such descriptions

Shed no light

Upon the minefield

I inhabit

Upon the streets

You walk for free

In your gardens

And your houses

Built on bloodsweat

Tears of we


The very timbre

Of my hair


In beauty industry

Words like

Frizzy, afro, kinky

Used so pejoratively

If i am black

I AM not beautiful

In the rhetoric i see

Unless I’m fetishized



For thee


You talk of justice, peace and love

A Diverse equality

Yet your deliverance

Is lacking

In respect

And dignity

These relational identities

That serve

To place you above me

Are never justified

Or scrutinised

Simply normalised



Don’t want the lips

Of my black sisters


As weaponry

In representation

All i seek

Is some positivity