Synapse – part 1


…and in between

Those 2 heart beats

Right there

In that glorious here and now

That existed in the wonderful then

You arrived

All shiny and full

All of the promise that lay in wait

Feels like an age

I’ve had to wait

For you to come to me

A month or 2?

A year, a few?

A lifetimes worth of 2…

People waiting

For those 2 beats

For those 2 feet

Adore you till I’m wept

Gone full to spent

Take me on a journey

Towards that there horizon

And I’ll show you the moon rising

Out of oceans and oceans of fate…






Synapse – part 2



Today was a dream yet to come


It will have all been said

24 hours gone

But today

We stare into each other’s eyes

And feel 2 hearts beat

In time

And love for all its

Inspired beginnings

And exciting or frightening possibilities

Exists in those 2 beats

Of that desire to just be…


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