For you


For you,

I created a world beyond between

My thighs, my lips, (my fault), my dreams

Paper and clay

Sugar and stone

Bloodied and weak

My broken home


They say

“Home is where the heart is”

This i now see

As i relish in this…

(Lack of limbo?)

Unburdened soul

The space you once occupied

Laying dessicate



You define autonomy

In words that scream of fear

Seek approval and validation

Yet never ever

Let me near

I hear ya

In the pit of my bones

Silently bleeding



Of all your ‘prone’

Stacking the bricks

So neatly

Of my cold

And lonely home.


I miss you

In all your technicolour blue

Wish wish you

Could’ve been true

To that initial spark

And instinct

That hunting reverence

In a cloudless sky

That bridge between worlds

You, my love

And I


But I will kiss you

On the crown of your soul

Say goodnight

To that potential

Of all we could’ve owned

Cos happiness is a state


Not a building

And i think I’ve

crossed the tracks baby

I choose life

I choose soul

I am my own


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