Why do I suddenly feel derailed –

By these thoughts of you?

By the purity of our us

Back then

When it was just me

My (ex) love and you


I know that this no longer

Is true

Devoured by anxiety

The Fear of truth

(We created)

A layer of

Something ‘not good’

But despite all the pain

That ensued

I still can see


And feel


For all the goodness

You gave for free

Before the darkness crept in

And devoured (you)me


Touched me, deeply

Both on the physical

And spiritually

Remember when we couldn’t tell

Where started you

And ended me?

Slippery smooth

Salty when wet

Beyond control

Find it hard to forget

But this is the nature

When worlds collide

Feeling sad

With the knowledge

Of how bright we once shined…

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