I am not submissive


I have a body which is marked

with the growth…

with the birth…

with the feeding…

of 2 beautiful children –

and one that –

because of these things

I am proud of…..


I am not submissive


I won’t submit

to these demands

that my physical appearance be caricatured

into something that is always beautiful (by your standards)

always youthful (because my natural ageing process offends you) –

yet at the same time completely natural because –

-this vanity and competitiveness you inspire (amongst us)

is unattractive to you….


I am not submissive


I feel no need to help you


To feel more powerful than me





my sexual experience or appetite;

Cannot, will not, could not

shape it and mould it

into a dolly made for you.

I will fuck, when I want to fuck

with whom I choose to fuck

and then not fuck you….


….for I am not submissive


to this stereotype of fragility

that blends so well with

the very dangerous and limiting version of masculinity that YOU submit to…


I will not submit


to your desires for me to be your subordinate

for me to be the reflection of

Your weakness

Your anger

…in the face of an ego fractured

By the growing force

Of women worldwide

Working hard each day and in every way

To be masters of their own destinies

And no longer submissive…..

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