Black booty


Am i black?

Am i brown?

You draw the outline

I wear the crown

Are you pinky?

Are you white?

Such descriptions

Shed no light

Upon the minefield

I inhabit

Upon the streets

You walk for free

In your gardens

And your houses

Built on bloodsweat

Tears of we


The very timbre

Of my hair


In beauty industry

Words like

Frizzy, afro, kinky

Used so pejoratively

If i am black

I AM not beautiful

In the rhetoric i see

Unless I’m fetishized



For thee


You talk of justice, peace and love

A Diverse equality

Yet your deliverance

Is lacking

In respect

And dignity

These relational identities

That serve

To place you above me

Are never justified

Or scrutinised

Simply normalised



Don’t want the lips

Of my black sisters


As weaponry

In representation

All i seek

Is some positivity



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