Loud, hot, raw and proud


Is it too loud for you?

I am sorry

I shall attempt to turn it down –

Express my passions

More discreetly

Put away my self-made crown.

Swing my hips

A little less brightly

Form my words

A little less clear

Laugh my laugh

A little less


Lest the noise

Ignites your fear.


Is it too hot for you?

I do apologise

Let me dampen down the flames

Let the steam compress

Your anguish

Let the chill

Disperse your pain

Let the dark

Give you a handle

Where the light

Was too oblique

Eschew pursuit

Of truth and wisdom


In shame and bigotry.


Is it too raw for you?

Come let me cook it

Fry it up and make it soft

Cut it up

And make it presentable

Make it palatable

Add some salt

You need it sugar coated?

Why, of course you do

Boil it down

Condense it


Can’t have the bitterness

Of your reflection

Taken whole

Swallowed neat.


Am I too proud for you?

I won’t say sorry

I will not turn that off or down

Bring it low enough

Until I’m silenced

Metaphorically gagged and bound

I will not pander

To your requirements

That I prop you up and

Duly play

The reflection of your panic

As you sense you’ve lost the game…


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