I am love

I am weakness

I am strength

I am sassy

I am sweet

I am hot

I am cold

I am lock

I am key

I am wisdom

I am fool

I am whisper

I am scream

I am hate

I am love

I am river

I am sea

I am sea because I’m vast

I am river flowing free

I am love because I’m strength

I am hate because I’m weak

I am scream because I’m angry

I am whisper when I seek

I am fool cos I believed you

I am wisdom (eternally)

I am lock because I’m terrified

I am key because I’m brave

I am cold because I’m jaded

I am hot cos I’m a slave

I am sweet because I’m scared

I am sassy when I’m not

I am strength cos I’ve been broken

I am weakness

I am love

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And chaos, it comes again
Although different from before
Arrives in streams at first
Then like waves…
Peripheral vision maintained
As i take the strain
Heave ho
Here i go

And chaos, it comes again
Has fixed the broken door
Gently, gently at first
Then like a tsunami
Knocked me clean offa my feet
Am drinking this neat
Heave ho
Here i go

And chaos, it comes again
Sans doubt
Flares fired first
Then a return
Come hither lover
Embrace the day
Heave ho
And let it go…



Theatre of cruelty


Smoke my smokes unfiltered

Coffee strong n black n sweet

Single malt

No, not mixed with

À rebours

To not take

This shit neat


Skirt short

Boots built to kick with

Tits jiggle

Beasts freed

Muscles slack

Mouth poised

To clinch it


Soul clean

Heart open

Though hacked –

A million times

To a million pieces

Facing forward

I see you

Glance back.


Breath breathing

Chest weaving

Debris scattered

Eyes scour

Thirst flowers

I unpack(ed).


You acerbic

You frightened

You frontage

Me forward

Me toying



I fluvial

You rigid

Sans reverie

Tis harbour

Not jouissance we lack…



In, out, shake it all about

Darling you got to let me know
Do we stay in
Or should we go
If we exit this love bubble
Will our economy be troubled
So which side has the most pros?
Can’t trust MP’s to tell us so

Squabbling like rats
In babygros
These politicians on they crow
Exactly who do we believe
When they don’t care about
Them, you or me
My gut instinct
Suggests us proles
Be ripped to shreds
If we vote go

Should we stay or should we go now?
7 days left till the show down
The ante’s upped
The game is on
The fighting gloves
Are fully donned
Johnson’s in bed with EDL
Farage his new best buddy – what the hell?
Cos immigration is the key
This has fuck all
To do with sovereignty
And 62%, apparently
Are more concerned with this
Than less money
So Osbourne’s threats
A dirty trick
Are just gonna make more people
Back Brexit
But the bare reality
Is that these cunts
Not serving you or me

What we need right now is unity
One world
One race
To end all bigotry
Borders create
Severe disharmony
This us and them
It should be we
One world
One race
To end all poverty
One world
One race
So we can all be free
One world
One race
Vote humanity…


Me, regardless…

Under currents bristling
Eyes are bright
And wide and clear
Saccharine is blistering
This plaintiff doe
Is not a dear
Edginess creeps closer
Whispers gently-
Lest a breach
Temperatures are bitching
With aggressive passivity

Dancing mouths
They speak less
Poised politely
Poison clear
Metaphors are undressed
Given texture
Added fear
Flitting eyes
They anchor
Aimed at restraint
Beating hearts
They beat less
Souls are sold
To win the game…


Sous la langue


Capillary action

Sous la langue

Fatal retraction

As I lead thee along

Dancing half drunk

To my inner drum


Yet it is YOU

Detaching my retina

With a spoon and your finger

Letting my love burn

Like hot ice

As I linger


We know I’d fuck you first

Tis I, the auditioner

So hold me fast

Hold me tight

Mr ‘action grip practitioner’

Doused in salty cyprin

De la langue to your fingers

Not sure where you’ve been

Or where I’m coming from


Close your eyes

Take my hand

Under cover

Sous la langue



Nine Ladies

For all those pivotal moments
When things had to change
Real fast
So subtle
So barely perceptible
So deep
Buried deep in my past

For all those beautiful soul lights
That shine
Like a distant star
So troubled beneath
The surface
The veneer worn through
To the tar

For all those missed opportunities
Those nights when i knew
Though far
From my reach you were there
Oh the silence of fear
Missed and lost
On the pivot
Of the past

Rest In Peace

James Michie


One size fits all


Thunder thighs

I got lightening thighs

I got electric hips

Ain’t no gap betwixt

Sugar coated lips?

Baby fuck that shit

You wanna touch me deep

You better take it neat


Thunder thighs

I got lightening thighs

Their presence not disguised

In the correct attire

I wear it on my sleeve

In daisy dukes obscene

Proud as proud can be

For this is my body

The view behind eclipsed

I fucking love my shit


Thunder thighs

I got lightening thighs

Disgusted and defied

Try to avert your eyes

Your fear it swells and rise

Shame eats you up inside

This woman self possessed

Makes you feel…

Just less…


(Thank you to all the beautiful women out there, of all shapes and sizes who just don’t give a fuck what the world says they should look like…especially the beautiful lady who modelled her fine pins 🙂 )


I, protagonist…

He said
‘I’m an Anarchist’
She said
I’m more grass roots
He said
‘But you’re a feminist’
She said
This much is true.

He said
‘I like strong women
Who are fiesty n fearless
Thru n thru’
She said
Yes, I am a woman
I run hot
I run cold
Red and blue.

He said
She smiled and nodded her head
He said
‘I’m an anti facist –
I fight for freedom
And justice
I am Red’
She said
I’m a woman of colour
I own it
I live it
For real
He said
I’ll fight the good fight
Till we’re free.

She said
That’s all very exciting
On paper
It looks super cool

…don’t wanna be
The protagonist
To your idealised anarchist
In your in(e)ternal dialogue film.