If I lived in Hope

Would I burn in hell?

Of the sort

That persists

When life ain’t going too well

Would I die a death?

If I put down my shield

And just took it

On the chin

And admitted I was weak


If I died in Hope

Would it all have been a waste?

Would my daughters

Be embarrassed

To acknowledge inner grace?

Or would they weep the tears

That children

Often do

When they come face to face

With what they now have to do?


If I acknowledge Hope

If I treat it as a lover

If I dip my toe in

Not do it a la ‘shotgun’

If I visit


Use it’s grace and power

Kiss the boundary

As I enter

As I leave

As I cower.


Can I then…

Harness Hope?

Is it mine to do my bidding?

Can I look it in the eye

As it screams

‘Ah ya kidding?’

‘Cause I’ll have paid the price

Of temperance and due

Hope is mine forever after

Fingers crossed eh?

Toes too…


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