I, protagonist…

He said
‘I’m an Anarchist’
She said
I’m more grass roots
He said
‘But you’re a feminist’
She said
This much is true.

He said
‘I like strong women
Who are fiesty n fearless
Thru n thru’
She said
Yes, I am a woman
I run hot
I run cold
Red and blue.

He said
She smiled and nodded her head
He said
‘I’m an anti facist –
I fight for freedom
And justice
I am Red’
She said
I’m a woman of colour
I own it
I live it
For real
He said
I’ll fight the good fight
Till we’re free.

She said
That’s all very exciting
On paper
It looks super cool

…don’t wanna be
The protagonist
To your idealised anarchist
In your in(e)ternal dialogue film.

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