In, out, shake it all about

Darling you got to let me know
Do we stay in
Or should we go
If we exit this love bubble
Will our economy be troubled
So which side has the most pros?
Can’t trust MP’s to tell us so

Squabbling like rats
In babygros
These politicians on they crow
Exactly who do we believe
When they don’t care about
Them, you or me
My gut instinct
Suggests us proles
Be ripped to shreds
If we vote go

Should we stay or should we go now?
7 days left till the show down
The ante’s upped
The game is on
The fighting gloves
Are fully donned
Johnson’s in bed with EDL
Farage his new best buddy – what the hell?
Cos immigration is the key
This has fuck all
To do with sovereignty
And 62%, apparently
Are more concerned with this
Than less money
So Osbourne’s threats
A dirty trick
Are just gonna make more people
Back Brexit
But the bare reality
Is that these cunts
Not serving you or me

What we need right now is unity
One world
One race
To end all bigotry
Borders create
Severe disharmony
This us and them
It should be we
One world
One race
To end all poverty
One world
One race
So we can all be free
One world
One race
Vote humanity…

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