Nostos + algos

There are two poems
I feel unable to write
Some things cut too deep
Paper words often trite
Like capturing a sunset
A moment in time
Skies floating between colours
All opalescent lights
Yet camera only set to
Take pix in black and white.

Can’t write how much I’ll miss you
And expect it to not fall
So far beyond the gravity
Of my feelings
Like a wall
Running deep towards the centre
Of the whole fucking world
And way beyond the skies
Till into myself i curl
And well
And wallow
And inflate – – –
-until pop!
But words, they still seem empty
Against this backdrop.
Which shimmers
Like crushed velvet
Hanging brightly
All lit up
By the the low lights of my orange
By the feeling in my gut.

Vulnerability holds me tightly
Like a lover
Like this fruit
Of my heart
Of my love
Of my innermost
Through and through….

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