Starry, starry night

My heart is too big
My head seems too small
To think clearly
In such narratives
To avert a painful fall.

Into the wilderness of this vista
Gogh’s stars pail
Against this night
The spirals i consider
Would see weight
Turn into light
And gas turn into metal
And ought turn into might
And locked turn into open
In one bat of
A single eye.

Don’t want to use
Degraded words
So terribly rubbish
And trite
Don’t want your hand
To fit the glove
To mirror
My nascent desires
Don’t want declarations
(So mispent)
Given mainly from
Duty and ought
Just want it all
Purest intent
Heart greedy
Despite being worn.

So run off to the hill tops
Hide deep in the trees
Of this night
Court distraction
Like a long lost lover
Against nature and truth
You may fight
But know that i come clearly
Stand firm
In plain open sight
I may want to be singing good morning
But am ready to whisper goodnight.

So reject me if you are uncertain
Come hither if you might
Love me or leave me
(Your decision)
Either way it will be right…

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