109 – Mt


Slowly, gently, quietly, less
Are things with which i struggle

My half-life stands at 7.6
Ms One Speed at the double

Easy, calm down
Ms Little Corvette
You’re driving way too fast

It’s not a race
So slow down your haste
Sometimes, it’s better to be Last…

Sous la langue (Of Goddesses and lovers)


Sous la languE

Capillary action
Sous la Langue
Fatal retractIon
As I lead thee aloNg
Dancing half drUnk
To my inner drum

Yet it is YOU
Detaching my retina
With a spoon and your finger
Letting my love burn
Like hot ice
As I linGer
WE know I’d fuck you first
Tis I, the auditioNer
So hold me fasT
Hold me tiGht
Mr ‘action grip practitiOner
Doused in salty cyprin
De la langue to your fingers
Not sure where you’ve beEn
Or where I’m coming from
CloSe your eyeS
Take my hand
Under covEr
SouS la langue




Dancing out of beat

With thE music

Can’t help but Feel

That thIs is what we always were

Our Broken records

Playing loud, lest we foRget

Self-fulfIlling prophecies

So very hard unLearned.

Wanted to breathe new Life

Into your heArt sweet nothing

Take you far beyond the realms of your estate

But hOrses only drink when thirst it does dictate, love

Your Reticence it leaves a sadness in it’s wake…

Pain(t)ing by numb(ers)ness


On the tips of silken whiskers
Upon the shadows of our hearts
Crawls a low and tender whisper
Hurling pain lest we depart

From the light that hangs so brightly
Eery, stealing life from we
Every step, it feels so kitely
Love could kill or
Set us free

Even though we cannot listen
Aural notes all disappeared
Up above the pain is searing
Taking hold of all we hear, but
If we change our line of vision
Focus sights until its clear
Underneath the hurt, hope glistens
Love resplendent through the tears…



Rape. Rape. Rape. Rape. Rape.
Such a dirty word
Rape, raped, rapist, the rapist (rapes).
It’s taboo status, so absurd
Raping, the rapist, the-rapist, rapes’.
How 4 letters can so unnerve
Rape/rape/rape/rape. RAPED.
Ergo the victims, exist unheard.

Rape. rApe. raPe. rapE. rape.
Is it really any wonder?
Rape, raped, rapist, the rapist (rapes).
So few victims seek out justice
Raping, the rapist, the-rapist, rapes’.
Surrounded by the low tender thunder
Rape/rape/rape/rape. RAPED!
Of slut shaming, victim blaming culture.
Rape. Rape. Rape. Rape. Raped;
Ladies, be demure and drink responsibly
Raped. Raped. Raped. Raped. Raped.
‘Non consensual sex’ is born of culpability.


Rape today, gone tomorrow

I am laughing, i am free
No rape today, if you please
I am vulnerable, i am weak
No rape today, leave me be
I am drunk and I’m confused
No rape today, please excuse
I am innocent, i am sweet
No, no rape today for me.

I am flirty, i am teasing
No, no rape today is needed
I am kissing, i am breathing
No, no rape today I’m pleading
I am frightened, catatonic
Your rape today, it will admonish
I am guilty, I’m embarrassed
But it wasn’t rape really, was it?


Ownership 101

Yes, i am the woman
She warned you about
That you’re fearful
To really bring home
Cos i see straight thru
Your bullshit
No desire
To submit or conform
To that stereotype
Of fragility
Never asking for more
To that belief in love everlasting
Regardless of function or form.

She knows that I wear
My own pants now
Ain’t looking for no man
To gain shore
Won’t protect you
From the night
Of your darkness
Won’t bleed myself dry
To implore
For your love
Your acceptance
Your honesty
Instead duty n honour
I abhor
Won’t settle for that pittance
Out of necessity
Cos i got summat special at home.

Yes, i am that woman
She warned you about
And these are the fruits
Of my womb
That is the door
If you’re anxious
And this is my hand
If you’re cool
Take or leave it
I’m still smiling
A door works both ways
After all
Make it, believe it
Till it’s chiming
Take it, you can’t break it
I am whole

Yes, i am that terrible creature
Who will love you so hard
Till you’re wept
Kisses so wet
Till you’re breathless
Fuck you so deep
Till I’m spent
Take you so far inside yourself
That you’ll never
Come back the same
The face of the boy
Once so sheltered
Will be vanquished
Forever, again…