Ownership 101

Yes, i am the woman
She warned you about
That you’re fearful
To really bring home
Cos i see straight thru
Your bullshit
No desire
To submit or conform
To that stereotype
Of fragility
Never asking for more
To that belief in love everlasting
Regardless of function or form.

She knows that I wear
My own pants now
Ain’t looking for no man
To gain shore
Won’t protect you
From the night
Of your darkness
Won’t bleed myself dry
To implore
For your love
Your acceptance
Your honesty
Instead duty n honour
I abhor
Won’t settle for that pittance
Out of necessity
Cos i got summat special at home.

Yes, i am that woman
She warned you about
And these are the fruits
Of my womb
That is the door
If you’re anxious
And this is my hand
If you’re cool
Take or leave it
I’m still smiling
A door works both ways
After all
Make it, believe it
Till it’s chiming
Take it, you can’t break it
I am whole

Yes, i am that terrible creature
Who will love you so hard
Till you’re wept
Kisses so wet
Till you’re breathless
Fuck you so deep
Till I’m spent
Take you so far inside yourself
That you’ll never
Come back the same
The face of the boy
Once so sheltered
Will be vanquished
Forever, again…

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