I am a…
Sexual terrorist
Non-white unapologist
Agnostic nihilist
Working classed feminist

I am bored fuckless of the…
White middle classed liberalists
The spoon fed anarchists
The self indulgent manarchist
The intellectuals, the theorists

I love you…
Working classed activists
Single mothers, heroines
Those marginalised, who still persist
Despite the climate they live amidst

Fuck you…
Right wing political careerists
Polite motherfuckers – scared to show they are bigoted
The heartless, the nimby’s the refuse to acknowledge their privilge ists
You are the reasons that we statistics are in this shit
Wake up and smell the coffee bitches
An uprising is imminent…

Whose revolution is this anyway?




My liberation was not built
As a play pen
For your dreams
Don’t give you access to my pleasures
Ad hoc and duty free
Do not think my heart and mind
Are not important, secondary
No, remember this sweet nothing
My liberation’s not for thee

I wear my heart and my sex

Draped upon my sleeve
Yet some of yall seem to think
That i am brash and too fiesty
Until you want it for yourself
In whatever ways you feel
Touch it feel it hold it own it
But only momentarily
Cos deep down
Where truth resides
I think that what this really means
Is that i am but a dolly
With a button and a key
No, remember this sweet nothing
My liberation ain’t for thee

Wanna fetishise my freedoms
Lick the flesh of fantasy
Eroticise – the vessel
That you see
You see that lionness, sat regal
Yet without the claws n teeth
You see that goddess, in me able
Yet compliant with your needs
But you failed to see the woman
To respect me
Didn’t bother reading the book love
Don’t get to watch it on TV

No, my liberation was not built sweet love
For he or thee….