A new leaf (Spring)

This is a dance interpretation of the song playing in the background (Diminutive by Tin Hat Trio)… A new leaf (Spring) is my poetic/literary interpretation…img_5746

And this nostalgia
(often set to break me)
Seems loose at my edges
Frayed n weak at the seams…
This previously intangible facet
(of mine heart)
Is gaseous beneath me so complete.

The rain
The rain
The rain

Comes in so many forms
(these days)
Takes me by surprise
As i release my inner pause
Which is gaseous beneath this me…
No longer incomplete.

I still stand small beneath
The stars
And the sun
And the moon…and

The rain
Yet now i know my placing
As i move with (unseen) grace
In sun, wind and (the) rain

Which beats down and showers me
With perspective
No longer Ms Elective
I feel it all
And consumed i empowered

The rain
The rain
The rain

Turning gaseous beneath this weight
Poetry in motion complete.

À rebours


Last night i had a dream
That all previous head/heart fux
Had gone unseen
A bit like Eternal Sunshine
Although less spotless
Just a bit more clean.

Maybe somewhere deep deep deep
I’m a wishing i didn’t have to feel
The rise and swell and tumult
As i work hard for focus to keep
Hold one atom fast –
Setting the rest free.

Last night i dreamt of the typa beauty
That doesn’t present with a clause
That which doesn’t require
My angst ridden inner pause
À rebours
(To not take this shit neat)
But in a world pock marked
With distress
Dreams of Eternal Sunshine
Is where I’m most free…